Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MDS Marker Box Covers

Using the template for creating clear stamp covers I created a cover for marker storage. You can store 10 markers in 1 clear mount case. This allows me to keep the markers sorted by color group. It could also be modified to store them by color family, i.e. reds, blues, etc.

 Clear Mount Case Cover How-To (using My Digital Studio):

1. Open an 8 ½ x 11 project in MDS.
2. Insert a square punch. Alter the size to 1 ½ x 5 ½ . Place this at the top left of the page. This will be your header background.
3. Change the color of the header to whatever you like. For stamp covers I use the new Pear Pizzaz. For marker cases I use a shade from the color group. You can use DSP or anything you like.
4. Download a copy of the SU logo from the Demo site. Crop it down to just the logo without the white border in your photo program and save it. Insert the image to your project. Once it has been inserted, size it to an approximate width: 36 x height: 20. (This will depend on how your image was cropped) You can do this by right clicking over the picture and choosing Edit Object.
5. Copy and paste the Logo. Rotate one of them 90°. The rotated image is placed where the spine of the cover is on the left just below the header. The other is placed on the header at just over ¾ of an inch.
6. To make the tag line below the logo, insert a text box. Change the color to Early Espresso. (note: This will be the text color for the entire cover.) Change the font size to 5. After typing the words “inspire. create. share.” hold the Alt key and press 0153. This will give you the ™ symbol. If this does not work on your computer, go to Insert>Symbol and find it on the list. Now just center the box below the SU logo.
7. Insert another text box. Drag it down towards the bottom of the page. This will be your stitched line. It should run from ¾ inch to 5 ¼ inches. To make the stitch I just used the – symbol with a space between. (Example: - - - - - - -) Change the color of the line to Early Espresso. Move the line to 6 ¼ inches.
8. Add a square punch. Change the size to 20 x 20. (use the directions given above for changing image size). Change the color to Early Espresso. Move the box below the stitched line to just shy of 4 inches from the left.
9. Insert another text box. Change the size to 14. Enter the number of stamps in your set. Change the text color to white. This text will be centered over the box created in the previous step to create the “set of” number.
10. Insert another text box. Change the font size to 5 and the color to Early Espresso. Type in “Set of” and move the text to the left of the box created in the previous step.
11. Insert another text box. Using the default size 12 font type in 3 _ symbols. It would look like this: ___ Rotate the image 90°. Move the image to the left of your “Set of” text.
12. Insert another text box. Use the default font size 12 and change the color to Early Espresso. Type in the name of your stamp/marker set. Move this to the header. Copy and paste the text. Rotate it 90°. Move the rotated text to the spine of the insert on the left of the page.
13. Now you just insert stamps (or circle punches for markers). To make the small images on the spine, insert the stamp/punch, resize it. Rotate stamps 90°. Arrange them how you like and print. (Set your printer margins to the smallest allowed. For most computers you can set all the margins to 0 and it will adjust to the smallest possible).

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